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    Discord Roles and Common Community Terminology

    This page specifically relates to the Discord server, but can be used as a general common terminology reference - as many roles are created by demand and population.

    Nominal and Terms

    • Crossnominal - goes by a name that does not traditionally align with one’s gender
    • Multinominal - goes by multiple names
    • Mutonominal - goes by certain names under certain situations or around certain people
    • Nomifluid - names change over time
    • Nameless - identifies with no names or does not feel connected to any name.



    • Transgender - identifies as a gender different to one's AGAB
    • Cusper - on the "cusp" between being transgender and a gender non-conforming cisgender individual
    • Intragender - not cisgender, but has a similar experience with cisgender individuals
    • Cisgender - identifies with one's AGAB
    • Ipsogender - intersex who identifies with one's AGAB
    • Ultergender - intersex who does not identify with one's AGAB
    • Adgender - someone who moves towards a given gender, or gender presentation


    • Altersex - desiring sex traits that deviate from the sex characteristics of a Müllerian or Wolffian
    • Intersex - born with physical sex characteristics not traditionally classified as Müllerian or Wolffian
    • Transsex - desired sex characteristics doesn’t match one's original natural sex characteristics



    • Achillean - Queer attraction to Men
    • Vincian - Men loving Men
    • Toric - Non-binary attracted to Men
    • Uranic - Attraction to Men and Non-Binary
    • Saturnic - Attraction to Androgynous Non-Binary
    • Sapphic - Women loving Women
    • Lesbian - Queer attraction to Women
    • Trixic - Non-binary attracted to Women
    • Neptunic - Non-binary attracted to Women and Non-Binary
    • Diamoric - Non-binary Orientation
    • Enbian - Non-binary attracted to Non-Binary
    • Medusan - Alterhumangender loving Alterhumangender
    • Bisexual - Attraction to two or more genders
    • Polysexual - Attraction to multiple genders
    • Pansexual - Attraction to all genders
    • Omnisexual - Attraction to all genders
    • Heterosexual - Attraction to the opposite gender(s)
    • Homosexual - Attraction to the same gender(s)
    • Abrosexual - Attraction changes over time
    • Ceterosexual - Attraction to Non-Binary
    • Objectum - Attraction to objects
    • Pomosexual - Does not fit into any attraction labels
    • Cassexual - Indifferent to the idea of attraction
    • Quoisexual - Unsure of attraction or the concept of it


    • A-Spec - A lack of attraction
    • Asexual - A lack of sexual attraction
    • Aromantic - A lack of romantic attraction
    • Aplatonic - A lack of platonic attraction
    • Autosexual - Attraction to self
    • Greysexual - Semi lack of sexual attraction
    • Aegosexual - Attraction with a disconnect between oneself and the subject of arousal
    • Cupiosexual - Lacks attraction but still desires a relationship
    • Lithosexual - Experiences attraction but does not want reciprocation
    • Bellussexual - Lacks attraction but still interested in the aesthetic
    • Caedsexual - No longer experiences attraction due to trauma
    • Abasexual - Experiences attraction due to trauma
    • Demisexual - Only experiences attraction after an emotional bond is formed
    • Apressexual - Only experiences attraction after another form of attraction is felt
    • Fraysexual - Only gains attraction with those not deeply connected with
    • Reciprosexual - Does not experience attraction until another individual is attracted to them
    • Proculsexual - Only attracted to those they can never be in a relationship with
    • Fictosexual - Attraction to fiction
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