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    The toric flag without the symbol
    An alternative toric flag
    An alternate toric flag by frcgdad_
    The demitoric flag

    Toric, also known as quadrisian, is a juvelic orientation that refers to non-binary individuals who are attracted to men. This can be exclusive attraction or not. If one is exclusively attracted to men, one might also identity as viramoric. While only quadrisian was specifically created as a non-binary equivalent of achillean, both terms can be used as such. It may be abbreviated to NBLM (non-binary loving men). Toric or quadrisian can be used by any non-binary individuals, regardless of alignment, though non-binary individuals attracted to men do not have to identify with these terms.

    The femaric equivalent to toric and quadrisian is trixic. And the reverse (MLNB) is adonic.



    The term toric originates from the Latin suffix tor, denoting masculine agent nouns such as cantor. The feminine counterpart is trix.

    Quadrisian is based on the Latin word for rectangle, quad, due to the fact that men and masculinity are often represented by rectangles and angular shapes in western art.

    History and Flag

    Quadrisian was coined by Tumblr user demisexual-yuri on or before July 19, 2017.[1] In collaboration with some friends, including demisexual-yuri, toric was coined by Tumblr user bigendering on a Discord server on July 20, 2017.[2]

    The toric flag was designed by Tumblr user diamoricmlm-and-nblm on October 17, 2017.[3], based off the orbisian flag. Green and purple represent being non-binary, and blue represents attraction to men. In the center is the non-binary symbol overlapping the symbol for men.

    An alternative toric flag was designed by Reddit user frcgdad_ on September 1, 2020.[4]

    The alternative toric flag was created by an anonymous wiki user on April 20, 2021. The aqua-mint stripes represent non-binary attraction to men. The flower in the center is a Sweet William flower, which is commonly used to represent gallantry, finesse, masculinity, manhood, and strength. The flag was designed to follow the same format as the sapphic, achillean, and diamoric flags, as well as similar flags for juvelic orientations.

    The demitoric flag was created by an anonymous wiki user on August 3, 2021. It is the Sweet William toric flag in the demi- flag format. The dark grey stripe stands for a-spec attraction. This flag can be used for sexual, romantic, and tertiary attraction.


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