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    Juvelic Orientations Flag

    Juvelic orientations are a category of orientations that are based on one's gender and the gender(s) one is attracted to. For example, lesbian is a juvelic orientation because it specifies the gender of the identifier (women or non-men) and the gender of the people they're attracted to (women or non-men). An example of non-juvelic orientation would be bisexual, because it does not specify the gender of the bisexual person- anyone can be bisexual, regardless of their gender.

    All the orientations in the gender-loving-gender format are inherently juvelic because they're based on telling one's own gender and the gender(s) of the people one is attracted to. However not all juvelic orientations are in the gender-loving-gender format. The GLG format is specifically for terms that are non-exclusive and explicitly use the format of GLG. Terms such as feminamoric, marsic, venusic, and viramoric are all examples of juvelic orientations that don't explicitly use the GLG system.

    Juvelic orientations most commonly refer to men, women, and non-binary (or some combination of those three), however any gender(s) can be used when describing a juvelic orientation. Juvelic orientations can also be used by a-spec individuals, as juvelic orientations can be used to refer to sexual orientation, romantic orientation, or any tertiary attractions one has.


    Juvelic was coined by Twilightvelvet on Wordpress on June 4, 2018[1]. The term juvelic is based off the word "jewel", because, originally, juvelic referred only to GLG terms, a large amount of which are named after gemstones. However the coiner later explained their intentions August 13, 2018[2] saying that juvelic was not intended to be only for GLG terms.


    Created by V from the DistinctiveSoy system and originally uploaded to the wiki in a post. It is a combination of the rainbow flag, non-binary flag, and heterosexual flag. The blue and pink represents binary genders. The heart in the middle represents attraction.


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