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    The romantic attraction flag.
    Another version of romantic attraction flag by Sybil of pronouns.page

    Romantic attraction is a form of emotional attraction based on a desire for a romantic relationship, or doing romantic activities with a particular individual. This can include things like being physically close, affectionate speech, living together, making lifelong commitment decisions, doing things together exclusively, valuing the relationship more than others, and other forms of romantic affection. Although, some relationships may involve some or all of these things without necessarily being romantic. Romantic activities and relationships are primarily defined by intent, so a relationship or activity can be considered romantic when done with romantic intent, and be considered non-romantic if one does it with non-romantic intent. What exactly constitutes a romantic relationship or romantic attraction can be difficult to define, and some individuals reject the romantic/non-romantic dichotomy altogether.

    Romantic attraction is commonly based on or enhanced by non-physical aspects of a individual. Romantic attraction may commonly coincide with other forms of attraction such as aesthetic attraction, sensual attraction, or parental attraction. The gender(s) one does or does not feel romantic attraction to is typically the primary thing used in determining one's romantic orientation. Among allosexual alloromantic individuals romantic attraction and sexual attraction often coincide, however, for ace-spec, aro-spec, and varioriented individuals it is often helpful to distinguish between the two.

    Someone who regularly experiences romantic attraction is alloromantic. Someone who does not may be aromantic or otherwise aro-spec. Romantic attraction is sometimes associated with the color green, but this is not accurate as the color green was chosen from the aromantic flag to represent a lack of romance.


    The flag was coined by Artemis on December 6th, 2020. Darker blue represents unity. Lighter blue represents depth. Yellow represents adoration. White represents that there are no limits to love. Orange represents romantic based dating or marriage. Pink represents passion. Light purple represents the gender spectrum and how love is not limited to gender. Dark purple represents romantic orientations and how the spectrum varies from each individual. The heart represents romance in a whole.

    An alternate Romantic Attraction flag by Zer0Rebel4

    When someone wants to show that a certain attraction is romantic they will put that attractions flag inside a heart.

    An alternate flag was created by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4. Dark yellow stands for alloromantics, light yellow for greyaromantics, dark green for aromantics, light green for demiromantics, red for romantic attraction and black for the spectrum of romanticisms.