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    The medusan flag.

    Medusan refers to someone who is alterhuman, non-human, or otherkin who is attracted to other alterhuman or sapient non-human beings. This includes attraction to sapient monsters, aliens, and mythical creatures. This attraction can be exclusive, or one can be attracted to humans as well. A similar term to this is anuafsexual. The non-human exclusive version is Otherkinian


    Medusan comes from Medusa from Ancient Greek mythology. The name was chosen because humans who look upon her face turned to stone, but alterhuman beings are not identifying humans and therefore can have a feeling of attraction where others cannot.

    History and Flag

    The term and the flag were created by Tumblr user Queer-Buccaneers on December 26, 2017.[1]

    The flag's meanings are as follows:

    • Purple represents alterhumanity. The bright purple was chosen to reference ultraviolet- a color beyond human perception- to represent the unseen nature of alterhumanity, an identity beyond normal human boundaries.
    • Green represents nonhuman creatures, as many nonhuman creatures at portrayed as being green, such as dragons, zombies, and aliens. Green also references the snakes in Medusa’s hair.
    • Salmon represents love. It is an off-color from both pink and red, traditional love colors, to represent the uniqueness of medusan attraction and how it differs from human attraction to monsters.

    The triskelion is a symbol that has been used as a symbol for Medusa.[2]


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