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    The anuafsexual flag.
    An alternate anuafsexual flag.

    Anuafsexual (pronounced on-off sexual) is a sexuality in which one is exclusively or near exclusively attracted to faunagenders, animalistic alterhumans, animalistic kingenders, and/or fictional characters with animalistic personalities and/or features. It can fall under fictisexuality, but does not have to.

    It could be the attraction to multiple faunagenders/kintypes, or just one. It encompasses/can encompass all faunagenders/animalistic alterhumans except for felines, which is covered in nekosexual. It was created separately from nekosexual, due to feline-like identities being most common in media. If one is attracted to a certain faunagender/kintype, they could add that to their label (eg. anuafpup).

    One who is anuafsexual is not attracted to actual animals (real or fictional), and this term is not to be used by those with zoophilic intent.

    Similar terms include faunamoric, medusan, teratosexual, and tobusexual.


    Anuafsexual was coined by users Boredomisdead, Someconfusedfurry, and Cryptocrew on November 28, 2020, in order to prevent a rabbit hole of terms being made for the attraction to faunagenders.


    The first anuafsexual has an unspecified meaning and unconfirmed creator. The second flag was coined by a user going by Arwen. It is a mix of the otherkin flag, kingender flag, faunagender flag, nekosexua] flag, fictosexual flag, and the fourth animatesexual flag.

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