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    Original kingender flag.

    Kingender is a gender identity under the alterhumangender umbrella to describe someone with a gender related to their kintype. A kintype (or otherkin) relates to a non-human identification. One example of this could be someone who feels like a dragon on an emotional level.

    The kingender experience is different for everyone. Some examples of what kingender individuals may experience are:

    • a change in gender when one experiences a shift (kingenderfluid)
    • the experience of being a certain gender because of one's identity (e.g. a dragonkin knowing they wouldn't be female if they weren't dragonkin)
    • being a xenogender related to one's kintype

    This can be considered genderNH if one is kin to a non-human being or character.

    The identity is exclusive to those who are otherkin, because the gender of otherkin individuals is intertwined with their non-human identity. If one is not otherkin, they cannot be kingender, as they do not experience a key part of this identity.


    Kingender was coined on or before July 25, 2014 by Tumblr user Sadvaporwavebabe and posted to MOGAI-Archive.[1]


    The kingender flag was created by Deviantart user Pastelmemer and was posted by Deviantart user Pride-Flags on September 7th, 2015.[2] It has no confirmed meaning.

    The second was created by a user who has chosen to go by Adora in January 6th, 2021 at the request of FANDOM user Vkgfjlmvfjkvmfkgvfk.[3]

    • Light gold represents mythical beings
    • Yellow represents fictional characters/beings and conceptual beings (such as musickin)
    • Light pink represents prehistoric beings
    • Dark pink represents land-related beings
    • Pale purple represents having multiple kingenders
    • Dark purple represents multi-dwelling beings (ex: a frog that lives in water and on land)
    • Light blue represents aquatic beings
    • Dark blue represents flying or sky-based beings
    • Black represents feeling misplaced or knowing your body does not fit your true identity.
    • Humanoid design represents one's outward body


    1. https://www.deviantart.com/pride-flags/art/Kingender-4-869557885
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