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    The nekosexual flag
    The nekoromantic flag

    Nekosexual is defined as the exclusive or near-exclusive attraction to nekos. A neko is a human with cat-like characteristics, most commonly fangs, cat ears, and tails; however, other cat-like traits can be present. Nekosexual individuals may also be attracted to a cat-like personality regardless of one's physical appearance.

    This could potentially include catgender individuals, feline-kin individuals, and other similar genders/kintypes, but does not have to. It is usually a subcategory of fictosexual, in which one finds fictional neko-people to be attractive. The romantic counterpart is nekoromantic.

    One who is nekosexual is not attracted to actual cats, and this term is not to be used by those with zoophilic intent.

    History and Flag

    The term nekosexual and its flag flag were created on November 27, 2020, by Fandom user BisexualDudes55. The pink represents the playful side of nekos. The white represents purity, and the purple represents the the calm side of nekos. The cat design was drawn by Fandom user Selfship.

    The nekoromantic flag was created by Fandom user Selfship. The brighter pink, off white, and brighter purple represent the same things as their color counterparts on the nekosexual flag. The lighter pink represents romance, and the lighter purple represents compassion.

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