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    The base genderspike flag (non-gendered).
    The base genderspike flag (non-gendered, alternate).
    The genderspike flag with female or feminine "base" and male or masculine "spikes".

    Genderspike is a gender in which one is normally a given gender, but very occasionally experiences sudden and short spikes of (a) different gender(s), before returning to one's normal "base" gender(s). The base gender can be any gender or combination of genders. The gender one spikes to can be any other gender or combination of genders, and it may or may not be the same gender(s) every time.

    Genderspike can be combined with other relevant genders. For example, a neutroisspike individual is normally not neutrois, but experiences rare spikes of being neutrois.


    The genderspike flag's colors generally rely on the "base" gender being represented by the space around the spike/the base and the "spike" gender being represented by the spike itself. Common color associations are pink for female, blue for male, yellow for nonbinary, and green for xenic. There are also two variations of the flag in black and white, both being non-gendered alternatives. The black representing one identity, the white representing the other. There is no difference between the two other than aesthetics.


    Genderspike was coined by an anonymous ask to beyond-mogai-pride-flags on June 27, 2018.[1] Several genderspike flags were created by Tumblr user Spicydiscovery (deactivated) on or before July 7. 2018.[2] The non-gendered base flags were created anonymously.


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