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    An alternate straight flag.

    Straight is a slang term for the term heterosexual, which is the attraction to individuals of the opposite binary gender, or the attraction to gender(s) unlike one's own. It is considered the opposite of vincian/veldian and lesbian. More specifically, straight is most commonly viewed as men attracted to women and women attracted to men. The term "straight" is used to describe for both straight men and straight women.

    An alternate definition of straight is someone who is attracted to those of a different gender, or someone who is attracted to gender(s) unlike one's own. The usage of the word opposite in the standard definition implies that there are only two genders, male and female, and that those genders are opposites. If individuals are referring to antigenders then they may use enanteic, or contraic if they are non-binary.

    A relationship between two individuals of dissimilar gender is often called straight; however, this is not always accurate as one or both individuals might be multisexual. A relationship between a woman and a man can be called duaric instead of straight, and ultramoric if one is unstraight. A relationship with two individuals of different genders caused by one of the parties being non-binary can be called diamoric. Non-binary individuals who feel they are straight but in a uniquely non-binary way may identify as strayt. If someone is attracted to multiple nongenders they could be penultisexual or differosexual.

    While straight is often used to describe non-LGBT individuals it is possible for straight individuals to be part of the LGBT community. For example, they might be transgender. They also might be asexual heteroromantic, or aromantic heterosexual, which makes them LGBT. There are many non-binary and genderqueer individuals who identify as straight. Someone could also identify as straight while still having queer relationships.


    The prefix hetero- comes from the Greek word heteros, meaning "different." The term "heterosexual" was coined shortly after, as the opposite to "homosexual."

    Specific Terms

    A straight woman could be called a bennetian or julietian, and a straight man could be called a darcian or romeric.


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