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    The kenochoric flag.
    Simplified kenochoric flag.
    The kenochoric symbol.

    Kenochoric refers to an umbrella term that is centered around the idea of kenopsia: the eerie atmosphere of a place that has been abandoned. It is a broad label with many different variations and traits, ranging from eerie, lonely, and vast, to unstable, genderless, and nostalgic, among other things. While kenochoric is an umbrella term, it can be used as a gender on its own. It can be used alongside other terms, and it could have an alignment of its own, with genders like kenomasc, kenofem, kenofluid,[1] kenovir, kenoera, and kenoavire.[2]

    Kenochoric is its own, separate category of gender, rather than a subcategory of another one. It is not a subcategory of xenogender, or any other category. While xenogenders, aesthetigenders, etc. may fall under the kenochoric umbrella, kenochoric is its own thing with many variations in experiences. There is no necessary prerequisite or existing label one must meet in order to fall under kenochoric.

    The term for kenochoric-in-nature is KEIN, kenochoric quality (similar to feminine, xenine, and masculine) is called kenoine or kenous (with the noun form being kenosity[3]), and kenochoric alignment is referred to as kenic (or voidrian if one wishes to use the galactian alignments).[4]

    Kenochoric can generally be classified with the following traits:

    • A connection to things like liminal spaces, voids, darkness, vast concepts (ocean, space, etc.), distortion, or similar.
    • A lonely, empty, eerie, or melancholy feeling.
    • Some kind of disconnect from gender. This can mean genderlessness, an empty or absent feeling, gender apathy, a distortion of one's gender, or just a general disconnect.
    • An unstable, hard to define, hard to name, or generally "unstable" relationship with gender.
    • A strange, nostalgic, foggy, wistful, etc. feeling.
    • A sense that one's gender is not human, or that it is unable to be defined with human definitions (or any definitions).

    In depth explanations of these definitions can be found on the kenochoric Carrd. Users may identify with just one of these traits, some of these traits, or all of them. The coiner has also stated that it is okay if someone considers themself kenochoric while not perfectly fitting under its definition.[5]

    Kenochoric Genders

    There are many genders that fall under kenochoric, with the vast majority of them being on its Carrd. Some of its most popular ones include:


    Kenochoric was made by Tumblr user kenochoric on November 18, 2020.[6] Terms such as neagender had been created before this point, but had later been put under this umbrella term. Since this point, a Carrd was made by the creator, with consistent updates for new terms.[7] Furthermore, an archive blog exists on Tumblr to document them quicker.[8]

    The flag for kenochoric had been created on the same day as the term. The stripes have the following meanings: Black represents the void, absence, emptiness, and darkness. Dark purple represents disconnect with gender, obscurity and a difficulty to properly define itself. Purple represents vast concepts and places, such as oceans and deep space. Light purple represents liminal spaces, transitional spaces, the "boundary" between what was and what is.

    A kenochoric symbol was created by Tumblr user mourningmogaicrew on August 13th, 2021. It was based off the gendervoid symbol because "both identities can involve voids, genderless, and creepy stuff. Also because their flags are both dark and pretty".[9] Before it was posted, the symbol was in a collection of gender anarchy symbols by the same individual.[10]


    The term kenochoric stems from the word kenopsia. Kenopsia is an eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that’s usually bustling with people, but is now abandoned. It can also be loosely tied back to the word choric, which refers to a chorus, something that may be a part of a kenochoric individual's aesthetics. It was originally called kenocoric, but was changed because kenopsiacore does not currently exist.

    The GIN variant of kenochoric is coined as 'kenochoric-in-nature', however this is inconsistent with other GIN formats, where the quality variant is used instead. For example, the Xenic GIN is 'xenine-in-nature', whereas kenochoric uses its base form. The consistent form would be 'kenoine-in-nature'.


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