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    The inersgender flag.
    An alternate gender apathy flag.
    An alternate gender apathy flag.
    Another alternate gender apathy flag.

    Gender Apathetic (also known as inersgender, anvisgender, or apagender) describes those who are apathetic towards their gender identity and do not care what gender they come across as. It is different from agender in that one may have a gender and/or feel gendered, but it's unimportant what that gender is or whether it's even there at all. One might use labels such as trans apathetic, non-binary apathetic, cis apathetic, etc; however, this would just be what the individual leans towards, and it isn't neccesary for one to use these terms. One might say "I don't really think about it, but I guess I'm..." to those who ask about their gender.

    Gender apathy may be confused with cassgender, which is when someone feels their gender is unimportant. The difference between inersgender and cassgender is that inersgender individuals don't care how others gender them, whereas cassgender individuals may still feel that how others address them is important.


    A flag with a purple gradient, yellow inside, and white middle line.
    An alternitive gender apathy flag.

    The term was coined by Tumblr user stellette and stelllarts on or before July 16, 2014.[1] Anvisgender was suggested as an alternate name due to the original term's negative connotations. Apagender was coined by an anonymous user through the Tumblr blog mogai-archive in 2014,[2] and its usage alongside inersgender and anvisgender dates back to July 10, 2016.[3]


    The inersgender flag was created by Tumblr user pridearchive on July 16, 2014.[4] Brown represents apathy and laziness, light blue represents sloth, white represents a lack of gender, and grey represents confusion about one's gender.

    The alternate flag was created by an anonymous user on September 10, 2020. Black and white represent a lack of gender, pink represents femininity, blue represents masculinity, yellow represents outside of the binary, green represents non-binary identities, and purple represents a mix of gender.

    Two more alternate flags were created by user Celerysoup on or before February 26, 2021.

    Another alternitive flag was made by pichuxox on Tumblr, on December 6, 2021.


    The prefix for inersgender comes from the Latin word iners meaning “lazy.”  The prefix for anvisgender comes from the Latin word vis meaning “energy” with the an- prefix to negate it.


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