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    A seven striped flag with the colors black, purple, white, yellow, white, green, black.
    The genderless flag.

    Genderless refers to the state of not having a gender. A genderless individual experiences a complete absence of gender. The term is usually interchangeable with agender, but some might prefer it over agender, because genderless more clearly shows that one does not have a gender. Genderless can also be an umbrella for terms like agender, gendervoid, and singularian.

    Someone who identifies as agender or partly agender can also use the term genderless because genderless and agender are similar terms. It is also commonly used by those who prefer the term genderless over agender, or those who collect genders, such as gendercollector individuals.

    Flag and Symbols


    Feltedflyingfox's genderless flag was designed in 2021 with feedback from the genderless community. The black and white stripes represent the spectrum of being genderless. Some genderless people feel their genderless-ness like a void while others feel that there is no space for gender. The purple stripe, represents those who are partially male, female, or both. The green stripe represents genderless people who are partially a gender that is neither male or female. Yellow represents the genderless community.[1]

    Psyfirecracker's flag is the oldest known genderless flag. It was originally posted on deviantart in 2016. [2]

    Masumi0wolfy's genderless flag is based on the agender and non-binary flag. The black stripe represents masculinity and those who are partly male or male-aligned. Purple represents femininity and those who are partly female or female-aligned. White represents a lack of gender and those who only lack some of their gender. And yellow represents androgyny, the non-binary spectrum, and those who are partly a non-binary gender.


    Genderless symbols have two general patterns: a circle with an "X" through it or a circle with a line through it. The latter are also used as agender symbols.



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