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    The singularian flag
    An alternate singularian flag
    The singularian flag without the circle emblem
    The alternate singularian flag without the circle emblem

    Singularian or Voidarian is a non-binary identity that is part of the galactian alignment system, however it is completely separated from all the other gender alignments, because singularians reject all forms of alignment. It is most similar to boötian -- it's been said that agender would fall under the category of singularian.[1] The coiner of the term said that singularian technically isn't part of the galactian system and it could be called a "galactian anomaly" or a "galactian field". Singularian is different from stellarian, as stellarian is a gender separate from masculinity and femininity, but it still exists on the same plane as them. Singularian can be described as being on a plane entirely separate from the gender binary and any other gender alignment system. As such, singularian cannot be combined with any other gender. Singularian is like a black hole, reducing gender alignment to a zero or a single point in which any other gender(s) would be consumed.


    Singularian was coined after the other terms in the galactian alignment system. It was coined by Tumblr user Stellunarian on March 6, 2017.[1] Other proposed terms for it include voidian, voidarian, and voidic. Also Stellunarian added that other terms under Singularian is possible. Singularianflux was one of the terms possible and Tumblr user Singularianflux coined the definition and flag on September 12th, 2020 for the definition and October 13th, 2020 for the flag.


    The singularian flag was designed by Honorary Mod Loki on DeviantArt on March 18, 2017.[2]

    The black stripe represents being without gender. Pink represents xenogenders. Purple represents genders that include male and female. Orange represents genders that are neither male or female. Yellow references it being a non-binary gender. The black circle represents a black hole where no gender alignment exists.

    An alternate singularian flag was designed by System-Lgbt on July 25, 2018.[3] The grey represents the varying degrees in which individuals can experience this gender. Black represents individuals who are genderless. Yellow represents the non-binary nature of those represented by this flag. The red stripes of the flag represent the varying levels in which individuals can experience being singularian.


    Singularian is derived from the word singularity; the point at the center of a black hole, where the laws of physics break down.Voidarian is derived from the word void; which references the qualities of a black hole.[1]