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    Boötian flag

    Boötian or boötean is an agender alignment from the galactian system, describing someone who is AGIN aligned.

    It's different from singularian, which is a rejection of alignment, not a lack of it.


    • Alkaluropsian: Boötian and stellarian
    • Arcalísian: Boötian and lunarian
    • Arcturian: Boötian and solarian
    • Izarian: Boötian and spacialian
    • Merganian: Boötian and cometian
    • Muphridian: Boötian and pistolian
    • Junian: Boötian and penumbrian
    • Nekkarian: Boötian and eclipsian
    • Nikawiyan: Boötian and novarian
    • Seginusian: Boötian and nebularian
    • Quadranarian: Boötian and galaxian
    • Xuangian: Partly boötian (boötian and anterian)[1]
      • Marpian: Partly solarian and boötian
      • Venalian: Partly lunarian and boötian
      • Mizarian: Partly stellarian and boötian
      • Ramihian: Partly spacialian and boötian
      • Azimechian: Partly novarian and boötian
      • Nadlatian or harisian: Partly annulian and boötian
      • Mirakian: Partly pistolian and boötian
      • Daijian: Partly nebularian and boötian
      • Kalunian or asellian: Partly penumbrian and boötian
      • Enlilian: Partly cometian and boötian
      • Mintekian: Partly phoenixian and boötian
      • Aramechian: Partly eclipsian and boötian
      • Princepian or arcasian: Partly meteorian and boötian
      • Voskosian: Partly galaxian and boötian
      • Dyastrian or phylaxian: Partly siderealian and boötian[2]


    The term boötian was coined by Tumblr user mogai-trender-sideblog on January 6, 2021.[3]


    The name comes from Boötes Void, an area in space that has an unusual lack of galaxies.


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