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    The neagender flag.
    The Neagender flag.

    Neagender is a gender that feels like the void, but has some form of gendered component(s) inherently tied into it. It is not usually aligned with any gender, instead being inherently mixed or vaguely connected, to where they cannot be separated. It is a kenochoric gender, and is not inherently xenogender or aesthetigender.

    Some examples of what a connection to the void may mean to someone using this label include:

    • A connection to an actual void, like space.
    • A connection to space itself, or the deep ocean.
    • A connection to liminal spaces, like the backrooms (liminalgender).
    • Feeling that one's gender is a void. (Genderless or gendervoid.)
    • Feeling somewhat like a given gender, but distorted.
    • A haze, fog, or vast feeling.
    • Any other connection to the void, depending on one's own experiences.

    The void aspect described in neagender has been described as: "More than just nothingness, for some. It can also describe a void feeling, or it can describe some sort of aesthetic. However for many, it can just mean a lack of gender, or a distortion of gender."

    Neagender can be a standalone gender, it may be aligned (for example, neamasc, neafem, neaneu, etc.), or it may be tied to an existing gender, such as neaman, neawoman, and neanonbinary. It can also be used alongside multigenders such as genderfluid or bigender. For multigender people who always experience a void-feeling in their genders, they may use neafluid and/or neabigender.

    Neagender people may also identify as agender, gendervoid, nihilgender, neutrois, as well as non-binary and/or transgender.


    The neagender flag was created by Tumblr user Kenochoric on June 5, 2020.[1] Since then, the creator has put it under the kenochoric umbrella, and is listed on its Carrd.[2] The same creator also made the flags for neamasc, neafem, neaneu, and neanonbinary.[3]

    The flag stripes are as follows: The black stands for the void, the blue stands for distortion and/or ambiguity, the light blue stands for personal identity, and the purple stands for the gendered component(s).


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