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    Gender alignment is an aspect of gender referring to the way an individual's gender may intersect with the gender binary. This concept is often used by non-binary individuals who do not identify with the gender binary, but may also be used by binary individuals who experience an alignment with a gender that is not expressed by their gender identity.

    Gender alignment may be described using terms such as female-aligned (selenian) and male-aligned (helian), neutral-aligned (stellarian), xeno-aligned (spacialian), and unaligned (singularian). An individual may also identify with multiple alignments at the same time or their alignment may be fluid and change over time.

    The terms feminine-aligned (artemian) and masculine-aligned (phoebian) are also sometimes used but these are not interchangeable with female-aligned and male-aligned. Someone with a feminine-aligned gender is not necessarily female or related to women/girls, and someone with a masculine-aligned gender is not necessarily male or related to men/boys. Additionally some individuals may be female or male but their gender identity does not feel feminine or masculine.

    Some folks use the term woman-aligned to include binary women together with fiaspec non-binary individuals, and man-aligned to include binary men with miaspec non-binary individuals.

    The term gender alignment is intentionally vague and it can be used to describe several different things. Possible meanings can include:[1]

    • An individual who is partially male or female (demigender).
    • An individual who is male or female in addition to other gender identities (bigender, trigender, or otherwise multigender).
    • An individual with a vague or partial connection to maleness or femaleness, regardless of their gender identity.
    • A genderfluid or genderflux individual who is only sometimes male or female or is sometimes partially male or female.
    • An individual who connects to maleness or femaleness through experiencing male or female specific attraction (eg. an individual may be female-aligned because they are a lesbian or feel attraction to other women as a woman, as in lesbiagender).
    • An individual with a gender identity similar to, but not the same as male or female (juxera/proxvir).
    • An individual with a vague or partial connection to masculinity/femininity, regardless of their gender identity.
    • An individual who presents masculinely/femininely regardless of their gender identity.
    • An individual who has experiences similar to that of a man or woman (lunarian/solarian).
    • An individual who is treated as or perceived as male or female by society, or who interacts with society in a way similar to men or women. This includes interacting with the patriarchy as a man or woman.
    • An individual who has a gender identity different from their gender alignment (cross-aligned).
    • An individual who has a fluid gender alignment (aurorian/alignedfluid).
    • An individual who is woman-related/man-related.

    Gender alignment is a personal experience. Just because one identifies themselves as a certain alignment doesn't automatically mean that someone else with a similar gender experience will also identify with the same alignment or even identify with an alignment at all.

    Terms such as masculine-aligned and feminine-aligned as often misused and misunderstood by individuals who are not non-binary, and are sometimes use to imply that non-binary individuals can be categorized using the gender binary. The galactian alignment system was created as less easily misunderstood alternative to gender alignments that use words based off of the gender binary.

    MOGAI and COGAP acronyms use the term gender alignment to mean what today is called gender modality.


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