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    The trigender flag.
    The trigender symbol.
    The transgender symbol, sometimes used as a trigender symbol.
    An alternative trigender flag by Happy queer witch.
    An alternate trigender flag by Trigenderiscool.
    An trigender alternative flag by 46duouwu on PicsArts
    Trigender flag by voiceofthetraveler on tumblr

    Trigender is a form of multigender in which someone has three distinct gender identities. These three gender identities can be any genders, either binary or non-binary, so long as it is exactly three. Trigender individuals may experience these genders simultaneously or fluidly.

    Alternative trigender flag by DeathByGlamourrrr.

    Trigender individuals may also identify as multigender, transgender or non-binary. If these genders are experienced fluidly they may also identify as genderfluid.


    It is unknown when trigender was first used but the word "trigender" was in use at least before 1999.[1]

    Trigender may be related to the concept of "third gender" which has been used for a wide variety of meanings.

    Flag and Symbols

    The trigender flag was created by an unknown individual on or before July 4, 2015.[2] The pink stripe represents femininity and feminine genders, the blue stripe represents masculinity and masculine genders, and the green stripe represents androgyny and third/other genders.

    Trigender has no widely accepted symbol, however one possible symbol was created by Josephdapro08 on March 11, 2020 and consists of the male, female and third gender symbols put together. The transgender symbol is sometimes mistakenly sighted as a trigender symbol due to having three symbols put together.

    The most recent trigender flag was made on March 19, 2021 by Trigenderiscool. The green represents Non-binary identities, blue for masculine, and pink for feminine.


    The common prefix tri- means "three", so the word "trigender", literally translates to "three genders" or "third gender".


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