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    The mirrored pronouns flag.

    Mirrored pronouns, or mirrorpronomial, refers to someone who identifies with the pronouns of the individual referring to them. It is under mutopronominal. Someone with mirrored pronouns has different pronoun sets for each individual. Those with mirrored pronouns may strictly use them, or they may use other types of pronouns alongside mirrored pronouns.

    When it comes to people who have multiple pronoun sets, others use whichever pronouns they're currently using for themselves by default, unless it is specified to do otherwise. However, there are subsets of mirrored pronouns that help distinguish this experience. Clear mirroring refers to those that use whatever pronouns the person is using for themself currently, and foggy mirroring refers to those who are fine with others using any of their pronouns.

    The mirrorpronominal flag.

    Mirrored pronouns can be shortened to "mir." or "mp." in someone's display name or bio. Foggy mirroring would be "fmir." or "fmp." and clear mirroring would be written as "cmir." or "cmp." Periods after the text can help distinguish that it's not a pronoun and is instead a shortening of "mirrored pronouns." Alternatively, a mirror emoji may be used to distinguish someone who uses mirrored pronouns.


    The concept of using other individual's pronouns for oneself is not a new concept. However, the term "mirrored pronouns" was created by Tumblr user kenochoric on March 19th, 2021, alongside the concept of foggy and clear mirroring.[1] The flag, meanwhile, was made by Tumblr user everypronoun on August 16th, 2021.[2] Further development, such as how to abbreviate the term, was added on January 7th, 2022.

    Mirrorpronominal, an alternate term that is meant to resemble other pronominal terms, was created by Tumblr user mygenderisamess on July 7th, 2021. The flag was created at the same time.[3]



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