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    hello!! im moth/dreamy. im queer, trans and neurodivergent

    i use he/they/it and all neopronouns (i have a preference for he/they/it/fizz pronouns)

    some people can use she/her (just one person at this moment)

    i used to have an account on here before, but i just didnt like how i associated the account so i made this one

    im a minor

    if you ever need anybody to remind you how strong you are and how great youre going, just lmk! ill shower you in support and comfort! :D (i also have a bunch of wholesome memes if u ever want some! /gen)

    i have severe social anxiety, please be patient with me D:

    i tend to call people stuff like: darling, baby, wife/husband/partner, gorgeous, etc. i use these in a completley platonic way! if this makes you uncomfy, let me know :D

    while i love making friendss and stuff, im taking a small break from friendship due to my severe social anxiety and trust issues. perfectly fine if youd like to talk still <3

    if you ever need somebody to vent, rant, etc, im here for you! no need to ask

    i use this account to make flags. i mostly just make stuff for lesser known identities, identities without flags, identities that have outdated flags, etc, cuz everybody deserves flags!!

    tone indicators r LOVED (if u dont know how to use them emoticons and emojis will work too! thx :DD)

    if i ever make you uncomfy, angry, sad, literallyy any negative emotion, please lmk!! im not awesome at reading signs and your feelings matter, i dont wanna hurt you!!

    im profesionally diagnosed with: anxiety (GAD), social anxiety (SAD) and depression (MDD). i self diagnose with PTSD, ADHD, hypersexuality, BPD, autism, etc. please keep in mind ive done research!

    please dont bring me into flag discourse! of course, if you have any problems with the flags ive made, i can update them. but flag discourse as a whole is a topic id rather not be in (also i tend to make a lot of art with pride flags. if youd like me to remake something with a certain flag, lmk!)

    please, please, PLEASE do NOT reality check me. if i ask you then go ahead (this will never happen) but if i dont, please dont do it. ive only been reality checked once and it was god awful

    dont baby me, please, it triggers my dysphoria aand i just hate it

    i doubt anybody actually is wondering, but i use ibis x paint for my flags! i use another flag as a base and use the bucket tool to get straight lines (i do not copy the flag i use as a base, i just use it to make it non messy and such)

    if youd prefer for me to not interact with you, please lmk!

    dsmp fans r okay to interact, but please avoid dsmp topics around me :D


    basic dni stuff (homophobe, transphobe, racist, misogynist, ableist, etcc)

    lgbtq exclusionist

    cis 17+ males (i have a fear of cis men due to my trauma)

    people with the name james or lillian * (i know its big to ask, but these names trigger me and they genuinely make me very uncomfortable)

    dont interact if ur a terf, transmed, truscum, etc


    exclus or netural leaning exclus

    ill add more sstuff later))

    *(also, if you are going to mention the names james or lillian, please censor them or changed their names! ex: james to jim and lillian to lucy)

    my identity is FAR more complex then this, sso this are only parts of this! maybe one day ill add all my labels :p

    sexuality labels:

    Queer (i use this as because my identity is very complex, so its easier to just say this <3)


    bisexual (i use this as an umbrella term)







    sexual and romantic labels:






    Alicosexual (while i can put labels to my sexual identity, i feel that ill never be able to fully explain it <3)





    Agnoromantic (while i can put labels to my romantic identity, i feel that ill never be able to fully explain it <3)

    quoiromantic (just to binary women)

    (im currently figuring out my romantic identity so heres some labels i might be!)








    gender (aka a mess):


    Genderfluid (more specifically Demifluid)

    Gender Non-Conforming





    Non-Binary or genderqueer (i use both these terms)





    pangender (rarely)

    Xenogender + a bunch of other xenogenders im too lazy to list


    a bunch of demigenders


    other stuff:


    Trans Loving Trans (just to binary men)











    animal ab*se (especially to fish, trigger)

    the name l*llian and j*mes (trigger)

    the name/nickname l*lly (squick)

    daffy the duck (my grandma really loved this character, and unfortuantly passed away in 2019. everytime i see or hear mentions of the character i get extremely sad, trigger)

    overeating disorders (trigger)

    luca from pixar (squick)

    dr*gs (minus smoking; joking about dr*gs is okay, just dont go into depth, trigger)

    red eyes (i heavily associate it with drugs, not on purpose of course. somewhere between trigger and squick)

    s*xual ab*se, minus r*pe (somewhere between trigger and squick)

    if youre going to vent to me at all, you dont need to ask or use tws unless your vent features one of my triggers! (minus s*xual ab*se, red eyes and luca)

    no need to censor these around me (other then j*mes and l*llian) i just censored them since theyre common triggers <3

    thank u for coming over to my profile! hope u enjoyed ur stay!!

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