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    The alicosexual flag.
    Second Agnosexual flag.
    The second alicosexual flag.

    Alicosexual, or agnosexual, is a sexual orientation on the asexual spectrum. It is defined as someone who knows they are somewhere on the asexual spectrum, but their sexuality doesn't fit any existing label. The alicosexual term can be also used when an individual doesn't know which label fits them best.

    Alicosexual can be a sexual orientation on its own or can be combined with other sexual orientations. This means someone can be alicosexual and gay, meaning that one does experience sexual attraction towards individuals with the same gender/similar gender.

    The romantic counterpart is alicoromantic.


    The term alicosexual and the flag were created on January 17, 2021, by Kudorix. Dark purple and black symbolizes the asexual community. Purple represents the asexual spectrum. White symbolizes the validity of agnosexual individuals. Grey represents partial lack of sexual attraction. Pink symbolizes sexual attraction.


    "Alico-" comes from a Latin word "alicubi" meaning somewhere, anywhere.