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    The trans loving trans flag.
    Trans loving trans flag
    A trans loving trans flag by guiltyidealist.
    The trans women loving trans women flag[1]
    The trans men loving trans men flag
    Trans loving trans flag by Iangender[2]

    Trans Loving Trans (TLT), also known as T4T (Trans for Trans), is a term for transgender individuals who are either exclusively or primarily attracted to trans or otherwise non-cis individuals, or emphasize or prioritize their attraction and relationships with other trans individuals, celebrating transgender love. TLT can be used in combination with other orientations (for example a TLT lesbian would be a trans woman who prioritizes relationships with other trans women).

    The unwillingness to date cis people is not due to any inherent difference between cis and trans people; rather, it stems from issues of safety, trauma, oppression, or other personal reasons. One may prefer a trans partner because one would relate to them more. One may also not want to be vulnerable to misconceptions, misgendering, or oppression from a cisgender partner.


    The first T4T flag was created by mod Kau at Tumblr blog Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on May 31, 2018,[3] adjusted by polyamaesthetic in June 2020.[4][5] Another flag was created by Tumblr user guiltyidealist and has the colors pink, blue, and yellow as the core colors to respectively represent trans women, trans men, and nonbinary individuals as well as diversity and inclusivity.[6]. The TM4TM and TW4TW flags were made by mod Kau of Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on Tumblr.[7][1][8] Another T4T flag was made by Ian and Nio of t4tpos on Twitter.[9] This flag is controversial due to its creators being m-spec lesbian and gay exclusionists.[10]


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