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    The requisromantic flag.

    Requisromantic or requiesromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. It is defined as someone who has limited or no romantic attraction, interest, or activity due to some form of emotional exhaustion. This emotional exhaustion may be the result of previous romantic endeavors or past experiences dealing with romance, or from something else that is emotionally draining.[1]

    It's sexual counterpart term is requissexual.


    There is debate to whether requisromantic is exclusive to neurodivergent or disabled a-specs, or if it is open to neurotypical and able-bodied a-specs as well.


    The prefix "Requies-" is taken from the Latin word "Requies" which means rest, or repose.[2][1]


    Requiesromantic was coined alongside it's counterpart term, requissexual, by deactivated tumblr user gay4dragons on or before June 8, 2014.[1]


    Requiesromantic shares its flag with its sexual counterpart label, requissexual. It was made on or before October 1st, 2014 by deactivated tumblr user hyaenahart. In order the meanings of the stripes are

    • "Black: Aromanticism and Asexuality"
    • "Light Blue: Requis means rest and blue seems to symbolise being a rest.  I chose this shade specifically only because it reminded me of a clear blue sky, the kind you’d see when resting in a grassy field or something"
    • "Light Yellow: From what I saw Yellow seems to be a very “active” colour.  And requissexuals/romantics are individuals who experience very little to no sexual/romantic attraction because of being drained energy and emotionally wise.  So I figured yellow would represent that well"
    • "White: I’m not sure why I chose white tbqh.  For me it seems to represent something similar to black, perhaps also the lack of attraction"
    • "Grey: Chose this colour to represent the possible confusion that a lot of aro aces may have. Grey also seems to be a staple in many aro ace flags and it felt wrong to not include it ngl"[3]


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