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    The queerplatonic flag.
    An alternate queerplatonic attraction flag.

    Queerplatonic Attraction (also known as Quasiplatonic Attraction, Quirkyplatonic Attraction, or Qplatonic Attraction) is a form of attraction experienced mainly, but not exclusively, by a-spec individuals. It is characterized by a desire to have a queerplatonic relationship with someone in particular. It can also be used as an umbrella term for any attraction that is non-romantic and involves a desire for an intimate committed relationship. Queerplatonic attraction can be very similar to platonic attraction and alterous attraction. For some individuals, these types of attraction greatly overlap and may do not make any distinction between them. For others they may feel like there is a clear distinction between some or all of these feelings. Among those who do make a distinction, queerplatonic attraction is often described as an extension of platonic attraction, though more intense, while alterous attraction is neither platonic nor romantic. Queerplatonic attraction may also be described as having platonic attraction towards someone while desiring a relationship with the commitment level of a romantic relationship, although these exact definitions aren't accurate for all individuals.

    A queerplatonic crush is most commonly called a squish (the same a platonic crush), and is less commonly called a plush or a squash. Someone who has a queerplatonic relationship with another individual is most commonly called a queerplatonic partner (QPP), or a marshmallow/mallowfriend, though is sometimes called a zucchini. Queerplatonic attraction is most commonly associated with pink and yellow. One who does not experience queerplatonic attraction may identify as aqueerplatonic, though one does not need to feel queerplatonic attraction to be in a queerplatonic relationship.


    An alternate flag was made by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4. Pink is for queerplatonics, light pink for greyqueerplatonics, orange for aqueerplatonics, light orange for demiqueerplatonics, lavender for queerplatonic attraction and purple for the spectrum of queerplatonic attraction.

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