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    The Alloy Alignment System is a system to describe one's gender, using several metals from the periodic table. The system was meant as a way to describe complex genders in a simpler way. This system only describes one's gender, It is completely free of alignment, there is no male-aligned, female-aligned, unaligned, etc. If, for example, one's gender is masculine, in this system that does not say anything about that person's presentation or alignment. A person can have any presentation or alignment and their gender element will still be the same. Each person experiences masculinity, femininity, etc., differently. The alloy alignment system doesn't define what these genders are supposed to be or act like, just describes the aspects that make up a person's gender, as called linities.

    These terms should not be thought of as being genders themselves per se, rather, these are more like umbrella terms. For example, aur, the masculine element, is not exactly a gender by itself, it is an umbrella term for any genders that are masculine, such as demiboy, proxvir, cenrell, etc. These terms can be used as genders by themselves if desired, but that is not necessarily the intent of the terms.

    Additionally, It doesn't matter if one's gender is multifaceted, combined, or multigender. The system helps to put a word to genders affected by multiple things at once. And there is a simple way to combine gender elements.

    The alloy alignment system should not be confused with the gender element system. Both use the term "gender elements" to describe the identities in their system, however the element system uses the classical elements (fire, water, earth, air).


    The original form of the alloy alignment system was post on December 1, 2018, on the Tumblr blog lgbt-alchemy[1]. The original system was created by a person named Hail. On December 17, 2019, the blog was handed over to Tired, from the blog Tirednowhasablog[2]. They posted a reworked version of the alloy system on December 19, 2019[3].

    The reworked version changed several things including adding two new gender elements; cro and mana, and altering the names of several of the gender elements.

    On October 10th, 2020, Tired renamed Coer to Aeris. [4]



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