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    the ani flag
    a simplified ani flag

    Ani, also known as mona, is one of the base metals from the alloy alignment system based on antimony. It represents a gender that is, to some degree, affected by the individual’s neurodivergence in some way (neurogender). This does not mean one's gender is their neurodivergence. It means that one's mental or physical illness affects how they experience or perceive their gender, or the concept of gender in general. How one expresses or experiences their gender is defined by them. An ani individual can have any alignment or presentation.


    Mona was originally coined on December 1, 2018 by Hail, the original owner of the Tumblr blog LGBT-Alchemy. The plural form of mona is monta. On December 19, 2019 the alloy alignment system was reworked by Tired, the new owner of the blog[1]. In this rework the name mona stayed the same, however the term ani was coined, as an alternate term meaning the same thing. It's unknown what the plural form of ani would be.


    The flag is based on the color of raw antimony ore, as well as the teal ribbon for mental illness awareness. The symbol used is the first alchemical symbol for antimony. The symbol as resembles the symbol for Phi, the letter for psychology studies.