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    The element system is xenogender system used to describe one's gender "element" or "essence". A gender element is one’s overall gender experience, including one's gender identity, gender expression, and gender alignment. It does not have to be the same as one’s actual gender, but (usually) interacts with it in some way, defines it, intermingles with it, or is otherwise an important aspect of it. For example, when somebody says that they are feminine and they aren’t describing their gender expression or gender alignment, their gender element is what they would be referring to. Elements are varying in and of themselves (for example, water can be still, rough, clear, murky, or anything else). There is not anything inherently in common among people with the same element other than the fact that they are that element. 

    The element system uses five main elements. Water, fire, earth, air, and spirit. These elements can describe one's gender element on there own or they can be combined to make more complex elements. These element are as follows:

    These five elements can be combined to make two element combinations, three element combinations, four element combination, and a five element combination, called vivician. There is also an "element" for those who either reject or don’t have a gender element in some way, called vocivian.

    Note that, for example, an eluvian person does not have a gender that is associated with water itself. Water, and the other elements, are simply used as a symbolic naming convention in this system.


    The elemental system was created by the person running the Tumblr blog Genderelementarchive on December 23, 2017.[1][2]


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