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    The mera flag.
    Mera flag with no symbol

    Mera, also known as Hydragea (previously known as Idra) is one of the base metals from the alloy alignment system based on mercury. It represents a gender that is, to some degree, affected by the one's status as intersex. The term is exclusive to those with intersex variations (not for those who are salmacian), and can only be defined by them. Not all intersex people are mera, it is only for when one feels their status as intersex affects how they experience or perceive of their own gender, or gender in general. How one expresses or experiences their gender is defined by them. A mera person can have any alignment or presentation.


    Mera was originally coined on December 1, 2018 by Hail, the original owner of the Tumblr blog lgbt-alchemy[1]. At the time it is was called known as idra and the plural form was hidrangea. On December 19, 2019 the alloy alignment system was reworked by Tired, the new owner of the blog[2]. In this rework the name of the term was change to mera/hydragea. It's unknown what the plural form of the new term would be.

    The flag is based on the color of a thermometer. The symbol used is the alchemical symbol for Mercury. The symbol was also often used to represent those who are intersex. The reason mercury was chosen is because mercury very unlike other metals and when combined with them, will make unusual and beautiful alloys. It is unique in that it is a liquid in room temperature. These unique qualities represent the differences in each intersex person's experiences.


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