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    Nebulous Attraction Flag
    The image the flag is based on

    Nebulous Attraction is a type of attraction experienced by those who can't, or don't, distinguish between attraction types. This can include any attraction type, and does not have to include all of them.

    Individuals who experience nebulous attraction may refer to their nebulous attraction as being a part of "the blob"; any attraction that is difficult to differentiate falls into this one nebulous category. In other words, one may consider these forms of attraction to be different versions of the same thing, with no clear distinguishability between them. Types of attraction included in the blob may be, but are not limited to:

    Individuals who experience nebulous attraction may be able to easily identify and distinguish other forms of attraction. For example, if a person can clearly identify their sexual attraction, but can't differentiate between romantic and platonic attraction, they might describe themselves as experiencing sexual attraction and nebulous attraction. They may also sort these attractions into two categories: sexual attraction and "the blob" (romantic/platonic attraction).

    Individuals who experience nebulous attraction may also identify as sensualarian, relationship anarchist, quoisexual/quoiromantic, platoniromantic, idemromantic, nebulasexual/nebularomantic, or similar identities.

    The label was created with neurodivergent people in mind, but can be used by anyone, including neurotypical people. The nebulous label can also be combined with other specific orientation labels. For example, pannebulous, anebulous, or lesbiannebulous.


    Nebulous attraction was coined by an anonymous wiki user on April 24, 2021. They coined this term because other terms for attraction didn't quite hit the mark. They often referred to their nonsexual attraction as "the blob;" one nebulous mess composed of many overlapping feelings. They decided to call this type of attraction "nebulous attraction," inspired by the nebularomantic label, while also being accurate in its meaning: the word "nebulous" means "unclear, vague, or ill-defined."

    They considered nonsexual attraction to all be variations of the same thing, with no meaningful differences between them. For example, romantic and platonic attraction and relationships are the same thing, and aren't defined by any clear rules.

    They believed they would understand the differences between attraction types if they were neurotypical, so this term was made with neurodivergent individuals in mind. However, they approve of neurotypical individuals using this term if it is helpful to them.

    They later changed and broadened the definition in September of 2023, encompassing any attraction which could be described as nebulous or unclear, regardless of whether it is sexual, nonsexual, physical, or nonphysical. They also broadened "the blob" to refer to any forms of attraction which are experienced as one broad experience, or variations of the same broad experience.


    The flag was made at the same time as the label, as well as by the same person. The colors were picked from an image of a nebula. The circle in the middle represents the stars in the nebula, but more importantly refers to the blob: the category for all nebulous attraction experienced by the person.


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