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    Mental attraction flag
    Mental attraction, also known as intellectual attraction or psychological attraction, is a form of tertiary attraction based on the desire to forming an intellectual bond with someone in particular. The bond is related to an exchange of wisdom, knowledge and interests. This term is similar to social attraction, however someone who is asocial would likely resonate more with mental attraction. A mental attraction crush could be called a mish.


    It is unknown when this term was coined, however it has been used in the community, (specifically the a-spec community) for a good number of years.


    The mental attraction flag was coined by a user going by Anderson on December 6th, 2020. Orange-ish red represents communication, dark orange-ish red represents common interests, pale pink represents opinions, maroon represents differences in thought-patterns, red represents beliefs, dark pink represents minds in a whole, light pink represents emotions and mentalities, and the two maroon circles overlapping represent bonding.