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    Amical attraction flag
    Alternate Amical Attraction Flag
    Alternate Amical Attraction Flag

    Amical attraction, also known as platonicity, is a form of tertiary attraction most often felt by a-spec individuals. It is similar to platonic, social and queerplatonic attraction. It can sometimes be referred to a "best friends" relationship, it can also be seen as a siblinghood type of relationship, though it does not have to be with one's actual siblings. It is on a higher level of affinity than in just normal friendships, which can be more impersonal. It typically involves nonsexual touching, valuing the relationship more than other relationships, doing things together exclusively, emotional reliance, physical affection, and familial bonds.

    Amical attraction can have a lot of overlap between platonic and queerplatonic attraction. For some people they may consider all these attractions to be the same type of attraction for them.

    A amical crush could potentially be called a shush or a thresh. Amicality shouldn't be confused with amicability or amability/amiability. An anamical individual can be friendly/amicable.


    It is unknown when the term was coined, however, it has been circling the internet, most commonly on blogs of those of the aromantic spectrum.


    The amical attraction flag was coined by a user going by Anderson on December 6th, 2020. The pink represents love and bonding, the light blue represents memories and fun times together and special moments, the orange and yellow represents special attraction, the purple diamonds represents a bond beyond societies understanding, and the stars represent uniqueness of ones bond and relationship.

    The alternate flag by Dime was added on October 26, 2022. The meaning is the same as the original.


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