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    Wavership flag.
    Simplified flag
    Another alternate flag.

    A wavership is a form of relationship where the exact type of relationship changes. For example, one day the relationship might be romantic, the next day it might be queerplatonic, a platonic bond another, and a soft romo relationship another day. Wavership can also be used when the exact nature of a relationship isn't known by the individuals in the relationship, but they know it's a partnership of some kind.

    The nature of the relationship might change for any number of reasons including:

    Someone in a wavership can be called anything, including partner, girl/boyfriend, datemate, etc. Terms specific to waverships include wavermate and waffle. The term used for one's partner(s) might change based on the nature of the relationship at that moment.

    Someone interested in having a wavership might call themself fluitic.


    Wavership was coined on September 17, 2018 by the Tumblr user Wavership[1].


    The wavership flags were coined by a user going by Wendy on December 16th, 2020 and December 18th, 2020. The black hearts represent occasional singleness and platonic bonding, the blue represents queerplatonic bonding, the puple represents alterous bonding, the yellow represents sexual bonding, the green represents mental, spirtual, and emotional bonding, the pink represents doraric and romantic bonding, and the shades inbetween represent all other types of bonding. The flower represents uniqueness and beauty in ones relationship.


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