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    The queerotic flag.
    Cryptocrew's alternate flag.

    Queerotic (QE) is a term for queerplatonic/alterous/similar relationships and/or attraction that has significant erotic, sexual, or sensual components. It is a non-romantic emotional bond in which the erotic aspects of the relationship are tied to the emotional aspects. People in queerotic relationships may use eroticism as a way to express emotional bonds, and not just for sexual attraction/satisfaction, though this is not always the case.

    A queerotic relationship may be abbreviated QER, and queerotic partner may be abbreviated QEP. The term was made with alloaros and aplatonic people in mind, (particularly those who feel that their sexual and alterous/queerplatonic attractions are tied to one another, as opposed to being entirely split), though anyone can use the term.

    The opposite of queerotic is queeragamic.


    The term queerotic was coined by Tumblr user Variant-Archive on 4 August 2020.


    The queerotic flag was created by the Tumblr user Variant-Archive on 4 August 2020.[1] The flag is based off one of the queerplatonic flags. The green heart represents aromantic love and attraction, alloaros, and the concept of a non-romantic erotic and emotional bond. It’s also a color used in the autoerotic and homoerotic flags. The darker green stripe represents arospecs in general. Pink represents queerness, and is one of the colors associated with queerplatonic attraction. Yellow is also associated with queerplatonic attraction- representing the platonic part- but yellow was intentionally not used in the flag in order to distance the term from platonic attraction. Gray represents lack of “traditional” romantic attraction/romantic aspects of a relationship, including arospecs who are grayromantic and queerotic relationships that have some romantic component (like a wavership or semiship).

    The alternate was coined by Cryptocrew on February 22nd of 2021. The green hearts represent aromantic love, white represents alloromantics who experience queerplatonic attraction, while the shades of pink represent sexual attraction.


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