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    Semiship flag

    Semiship is a term for relationship that is in a “gray area” of relationships. A semiship is a relationship that isn’t as committed or “deep” as relationships are expected to be, by the preference of those involved. For example, someone could prefer to remain in the casual flirting stage of a sensual relationship, and only occasionally and lightly exchange sensual actions without investment of a serious relationship. This might be for orientation reasons, lifestyle reasons, or other personal reasons. As with all relationships, this should always involve the consent and understanding of all parties involved.

    Waverships may fluctuate into the semiship area. Soft romo relationships are also commonly semiships. Can also be useful to describe relationships between two members of a polyamorous relationship who aren’t dating but still romantically interact occasionally. One can also be is a semiship and full relationship with someone in different ways, for example having a full queerplatonic relationship and a physical semiship at the same time.

    The was coined with a-spec people in mind, particularly gray-a orientations (like cupio, fray, etc), as well as fluitic, non-monogamous, and neurodivergent people, but it can be used by anyone.


    Semiship was coined by the Tumblr user variant-archive on January 12, 2019.[1]


    The Semiship flag was coined by a user going by Adora on December 15th, 2020. The pastel green represents sincerity and light bonding, the pastel blue represents kindness and exchange, the light purple represents physical affection, the pastel pink represents emotional/mental affection, the heart represents any sexuality/romantic orientation one may have and it also represents the impact even a light relationship can make in your life. The static to it represents the fuzzy 'in-between' of this type of relationship.


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