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    The modegender flag.

    Modegender is an umbrella term for genders that can be explained using the seven modes of the major scale. It's considered a musicgender and audiogender. Someone who is fluid between different modegenders, or whose gender fluctuates in intensity, might identify as modefluid.

    The 'mode-' prefix can be kept or replaced. Some modefluid individuals might want to replace 'mode-' with a prefix from one of the modegenders. For example, someone who is fluid between lydigender and dorigender, but is most often lydigender, might want to use the lydifluid label.

    The '-fluid' suffix can be kept or replaced as well. It encompasses all forms of fluidity (including flux, fluix, and spike); however, some individuals may want to specify the form of fluidity they experience. For example, someone who is locrigender, but the intensity of their gender fluctuates, might want to use the locriflux label.

    The different modegenders include:


    The terms were all coined by Tumblr user synpa-tee on July 27, 2021.[1] Modefluid was coined by the same user on August 15, 2021.[2]


    The modegender flag has seven stripes: an off-white stripe, a yellow stripe, a red stripe, a blue stripe, a navy blue stripe, a dark purple stripe, and a dark grey stripe. Each stripe represents one of the seven modes, in order of brightness. Off-white represents Lydian, yellow represents Ionian, red represents Mixolydian, blue represents Dorian, navy blue represents Aeolian, dark purple represents Phrygian, and dark grey represents Locrian.


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