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    Kanogender is a gender identity used in the south of Sardinia.

    This identity can be considered similar to Aliagender, and Xenogender, because kanogender doesn't fit in any existing gender schemes or constructs. Sardinia's society and culture are the results of an inclusive mentality. There is proof of that since the bronze age, when all the civilizations from the Mediterranean sea came to Sardinia, they were shown religion, knowledge, and a more eco-friendly and pacifist way to live.

    This is not an exclusive gender, anyone can be a kanogender, usually oppressed people who don't fit social norms and rebellious people who fight for for social justice.

    Someone can misunderstand kanogender for Aesthetigenders or Kingender or maybe Aitherogender, but it's something different, it's an experience of consciousness shared by people who feel connected by a bond stronger than humans can understand.


    A small part of south Sardinia's population had problems identifying themselves on traditional gender identities, and trying to understand how to live their lives, so they came up with this specific term.


    The flag represents kanogenders' bond with the LGBT community, native roots, and the symbol of the city where kanogender was coined.

    There are different two kinds of flags representing Kiano, but since it's a small native society, they are more spiritual and less technologically cultured.

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