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    Aithero flag

    Aitherogender or Aithero is an ethereal, otherworldly gender identity that feels like it originated beyond Earth's concepts of gender, making it nearly impossible to explain through a written or spoken medium. Can be shortened to “aith” to use in place of boy or girl, or used in conjunction with other gender modifiers (ex. solarian aithero, aith demigirl, transmasculine aith, etc.). It was primarily intended for neurodivergent people who have issues with explaining their sense of identity, but anyone can use it.[1]


    Each stripe of blue represents a layer of the atmosphere (exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere), indicating the gender's feeling of originating beyond the surface of the Earth.


    Aeithero comes from the Greek word αιθέριος (aithérios), meaning "ethereal".[1]