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    Grey Aroace flag

    Grey Aroace, or greyaroace, is an orientation on the aroace spectrum which describes those who relate with asexuality and aromanticism, yet feel that there are parts of their experience that aren't fully described by the word aroace.

    Greyaroace can be used as a specific identity, or as an umbrella term for any aroace-spec identity that isn't purely aroace, including demian, aroaceflux and others.

    Flejefriki's flag

    A common reason someone may identify as greyaroace is that they experience attraction but very infrequently. Some greyraroace individuals may only feel attraction once or twice in their life.

    Others may experience it more frequently, but still not as frequently as allo individuals.

    Flejefriki's flag

    Some greyaroace experiences may include:

    Grey aroace flag
    • Experiencing attraction infrequently.
    • Experience attraction very weakly.
    • Feeling unsure about how to identify attraction or how to draw the line between attraction types, and consequently feeling unsure about having experienced it or not.
    • Experiencing attraction that is only ambiguously romantic or sexual.
      Flejefriki's flag
      Feeling alienated from romance or sex.
    • Feeling attraction only in specific circumstances.
    • Finding aroace a useful idea, even if it isn't a perfect fit.


    Someone who is Grey Aroace is not always the same as Greyrose. Greyrose is an identity in which someone identifies as both greyromantic and greysexual. Grey Aroace is an identity in which someone identifies somewhat, but not completely, with the term aroace. Both terms are under the Angled Aroace classification.


    There are at least six known flags.

    The first flag was created by an unknown user.

    The blue, orange, and grey flags were created by flejefriki[1] as a mix of the the orange and blue aroace flags with some of the gray aromantic/asexual flags.

    Alternate grey aroace flag
    Grey Aroace flag

    The blue and grey flag was created by aroaesflags on Tumblr.

    The two green-striped flag was also created by an unknown user.