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    Original Grey-AroAce flag created by aroaesflags on Tumblr.
    An ALT Grey-AroAce flag made by ConfuzzledBean
    another alternate greyrose flag, created on 3/24/2021 by @RemyWest123

    Greyrose or grey-aroace (also spelled grayrose or gray-aroace) is a term that refers to a person that is both greyromantic and greyasexual. Greyrose was chosen due to it being easier to say, and to give a more distinct identity to those who are strictly grey-oriented.

    All greyroses may experience different forms and levels of attraction, due to any combination of romantic and sexual orientations which fall under greyromantic and greysexual being included.
    For example, one greyrose may identify with the terms queerplatonic, iodic and aceflux, while another identifies with demiromantic and cupiosexual, etc.

    If wanted, a modifier can also be applied before the term greyrose to show the individual's preference, such as bi-greyrose, sapphic-greyrose, abro-greyrose, etc. It is most common for the modifier to apply to both their romantic and sexual orientations equally, however this is not a requirement and is determined solely by the individual.

    This falls under the angled aroace classification.

    Additionally, while this label includes both the Roseromantic and Rosesexual microlabels, by definition, they are not directly linked or synonymous. Rose-romantic/sexual individuals are free to use this label, however the use of this label does not explicitly indicate one is Rose-oriented.


    The original Grey-Aroace flag was created by aroaesflags December 26, 2018.

    It was made when they were "thinking that [they] liked the idea of aroaces being represented by the color blue (taken from the oriented aroace flag and [their] subsequent aroace flag) and then [they] had the thought to apply that to some other a-spec identities that have two separate flags for aro-spec and ace-spec."

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