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    The aroaceflux flag.
    Alternate aroaceflux flag by @aroaesflags on tumblr
    Alternate aroaceflux flag by @aroaesflags on tumblr.
    An Aroaceflux Flag.[1]
    An Aroaceflux Flag.
    Aroaceflux flag by tumblr user @astraldomination[2]
    Alternate aroaceflux flag by Contie.
    An alternate Aroaceflux Flag made by KaiTheCrowBoi

    Aroaceflux is a sexuality where someone is both aceflux and aroflux. Both their sexual and romantic orientation fluctuates, but generally stays on the asexual and aromantic spectrums. These fluctuations may occur at the same time or they may be independent. An aroaceflux individual may feel very strongly asexual and/or aromantic one day and less asexual and/or aromantic some time later; They also might feel as if they are on the greysexual and/or greyromantic spectrums at times. Some aroaceflux individuals may feel like they are allosexual and/or alloromantic at times. The fluctuation in romantic and sexual orientation may or may not happen at the same time and may or may not correlate to each other.

    Aroaceflux either can be an orientation on its own or can combined with other orientations. For example, one could be aroaceflux and bisexual/biromantic, meaning that when one does experience attraction it's towards individuals of any gender, ranging from 2 specific genders to all genders; However, if the second option for the term is what one's identity is, they do not to have the same sexual and romantic orientations to be aroaceflux. Aroaceflux may overlap with abrosexual/romantic, however the difference is that for someone who is abrosexual/abroromantic the gender(s) they are attracted to may change. Generally, for aroaceflux individuals when they feel attraction, the gender(s) they are attracted to are always the same, only how they are attracted to them or how intensely they are attracted to them changes.


    The flag was made by Quora user Ezra Fabrick on October 5th, 2020.[3] The colors have no specific meaning to them.

    An alternate aroaceflux flag was created by Wiki user Contie, 14th September 2021.


    Aro- is short for aromantic, ace- is short for asexual, and -flux is is a suffix used for orientations or genders that can change, and is short for fluctuating.


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