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    The demian flag.
    Demiaroace Flag
    Second demian flag created by unknown
    Fourth demian flag by FANDOM user HylianShieldmaiden

    Demian (also called demi², demirose, demi squared, or demi-aroace) refers to someone who is both demisexual and demiromantic. One must have a strong emotional bond with someone before sexual and romantic attraction can be felt towards them. Demian can be considered a type of aroace.

    Demian can be combined with other orientations. For example, one could be demian and gay, meaning that when one does experience attraction it's only towards individuals of the same gender.


    Demian was coined by u/A_oul on the demisexuality subreddit on May 5, 2020.[1] The flag was posted at the same time. The color meanings are as follows: Purple represents self-love. Green represents demiromanticism. Grey represents demisexuality. Black represents asexuality. White represents sexuality.

    The blue demian flag was designed by Tumblr user aroaesflags on December 26, 2018.[2] The blue stripe is directly in between the color of the purple stripe from the demisexual flag and the color of the green stripe from the demiromantic flag. The blue stripe represents being both ace-spec and aro-spec. The black represents lack of sexual or romantic attraction. The grey represents not being strictly aroace. The white represents the attraction felt once a strong emotional bond has been formed. It's almost similar to the demialterous flag, but with a distinct blue.

    The green and purple flag exists at least since 2019.[3][4] The flag is a combination of the demisexual and demiromantic flag.


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