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    The xixigender flag by the Epsilon System.

    Xixigender is a subset of multigender, oxigender, and genderlead. Xixigender has one label first, which is the main part of the gender, another second label, which is still significant but not the main part, and another third label, which is only a small part of the total gender. However, unlike oxigender, xixigender continues on from just three genders. Xixigender is meant to be oxigender but not limited to three genders only.

    Some similar labels may include formatigender and genderlead.


    The term was coined by Reddit user hiitsyaz (Discord user Mint), July 6th, 2021. The xixigender flag was created by the Epsilon System, on an unspecified date, on or before July 12th, 2021.