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    The genderlead flag.
    Alternative genderlead flag.

    Genderlead is a term that describes a multigender person who feels as if they have one gender (or multiple genders) that are more prominent than the rest of their genders, while the less-prominent ones still describe them loosely.

    Those who are genderhoarder (or another type of collector) may find this term useful to describe the genders that are more prominent within their hoard/collection. They may call them 'lead genders' or 'leading genders.' Some people who identify as genderlead may also have layers to their gender identity, having some background genders fit them better than others. This can lead to almost a tier list of gender identities.

    Similar terms include formatigender and xixigender.


    The term was coined by FANDOM user Liver.On.A.Plate on June 15, 2021. It was coined through this page and has no outside resources.


    The flag is either a rainbow above a few light orange stripes that progressively become lighter or one big orange stripe with the same light orange stripes fading below. The flag (having two versions, one for simplicity) represents how there are one/multiple genders that feel stronger and more vivid than others. The first stripe is slightly bigger and is more vivid than the others showing that some identities are felt stronger than others, while the fading orange lines below show that there are gender/genders that are faintly present but still define the persons gender.


    The word “genderlead” is composed of the words, gender and lead.

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