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    The genderhoarder flag.
    A pride flag with dark orange, light orange, yellow, magenta, purple and dark purple stripes.
    An alternate flag created by wiki user Juiceboxgutz.

    Genderhoarder, also known as gendercollector, gendercollecter, or hoardgender, is an identity in which one's gender is fluid or fluctuating, but one can’t find just a few terms to describe what their fluctuating gender is, so they collect gender terms that fit them.

    Anyone who collects genders may identify as a gendercollector; however, genderhoarder, hoardgender and similar -hoarder terms are often considered exclusive to those who experience their term collecting as a form of hoarding.

    This term is similar to drakefluid, but it is not exclusive to dragonkin or otherkin. Additionally, gendervast and jackdawhoarder could be classed as the stable versions of genderhoarder.


    Genderhoarder was coined before August 4, 2014, by an anonymous user on the Tumblr blog MOGAI-Archive.


    The flag was designed by funCatty on DeviantArt on or before November 8, 2015.[1] The colors represent gold and amethyst, to represent precious stones that a dragon would collect/hoard.

    An alternate flag was designed by FANDOM user Juiceboxgutz on June 6, 2021.[2] Orange represents those of all genders, gold represents all genderhoards regardless of size, yellow represents the joy of finding new gender labels, magenta represents a gender experience that is very personal to oneself, purple represents the fact that gender is hard to capture in just one term, and dark purple represents a gender that feels vast.


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