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    Waveric attraction, also called waverous attraction or fluidic attraction, is a form of attraction that is fluid. This may or may not be caused by their attraction labels or the gender(s) of the individual(s) being fluid. They don't have to be waverous towards everyone they're attracted to.

    For example, one may feel waveric attraction towards their friend. They might feel platonic attraction towards them one day, romantic attraction the next, and then after that alterous attraction. However, a waverous individual can just as easily also experience non fluidous attraction.

    Waveric Attraction vs. Fluitic

    Fluitic is described as desiring a wavership, or can be used to describe a wavership (i.e. "a fluitic relationship). Waveric attraction is described as having fluid attraction.

    While it may be assumed that having fluid attraction means desiring a wavership, this may not be the case. Someone who feels waveric attraction may not want a wavership with the individual(s) for any reason, such as finding waverships complicated.

    The opposite can be true to fluitic individuals. Maybe they don't experience fluid attraction, but prefer a wavership for any reason, such as curiosity.


    Waveric attraction was originally coined as attrawaver by mogai-clouds on Tumblr on October 5, 2021.[1] However, they recoined it as waveric/waverous attraction to fit the "format" of other tertiary attractions on October 12, 2021.[2]


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