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    Tulipian Flag with Symbol
    Tulipian Flag without Symbol
    Alternative Tulipian Flag

    Tulipian is a term for anyone who identifies as m-spec (attraction to multiple genders), mono (attraction to one gender), and a-spec (little to no attraction to any genders).

    This can include:

    • Someone who is abro who is fluid between mspec, mono, and aspec identities.
    • Someone who uses SAM, or is varioriented in some way, who is mspec, mono, and aspec.
    • Someone who is angled aroace/varioriented aroace/oriented aroace and feels as though their attractions together fall on the mspec, monospec, and aspec.



    Coined by tobastreasury on Tumblr, December 6th, 2021.[1]

    Original definition: "Tulipian! An inclusive term for all folks who are m-spec, mono-spec, and a-spec. This could be because they’re abro-, because they’re varioriented/use the SAM, or because they simply identify with terms from all three spectrums."


    The original flags were made by tobastreasury on the coining post.[1]

    Color meanings [2]:

    • Purple for the complexity of identities and a-spec orientations
    • Pink for positivity and queerness
    • White for respect, inclusivity and m-spec orientations
    • Yellow for joy and confidence in one’s identity (also includes being unapologetically queer)
    • Orange for understanding and appreciation of tulipian identities
    • Red for love and mono-spec identities
    • Blue of the tulip represents individuality and uniqueness

    The alt flag created by user IAmArtemisTheCat (aka Stroy the Cat) on May 13th, 2022, using similar/same colors with the same color meanings. Flags was created and posted here without further history.


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