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    Trixenamoric pride flag

    Trixensexual or Trixenamoric refers to the exclusive attraction to women and non-binary individuals. The romantic equivalent is trixenromantic. Other terms include trixenplatonic, trixenalterous, and trixensensual. The term does not specify the individual's gender.[1] A flexible trixen- attraction may be called trixenflexible.[2]

    Trixensexuality is encompassed by the enboric and femaric umbrellas. It can also be considered a form of polysexuality or bisexuality.

    Alternative trixenamoric pride flag by Enby-Pal.
    An Alternate Trixensexual flag that replaces the white line with the pink from the Bi flag, to sort of match with said flag.

    Related terms include nomasexualneptunicenbitrix and nominsexual. Old sources used gyne-skolio-sexual, mixing skolio- with gynesexual, that were replaced with ceterosexual and femsexual, then ninsexual and finsexual.

    The man and non-binary equivalent of trixensexual is torensexual.


    The trixensexual flag, created by @cadencestannevermoor

    The term was coined in November 12, 2018 by Tumblr user wedontcareaboutyourbinary, together with torensexual.[3] The prefix trixen- combines the Latin noun suffix -trix, used to form feminine agent nouns, also used in trixic, with en, based on the LGBT+ colloquial term enby, itself based on the English pronunciation of nb, an initialism of non-binary. The trixenamoric flag was created in November 13, 2018 by nlmgalaxy.[4] The color orange was chosen as a blend of pink for women and yellow for non-binary individuals; white stands for the expansiveness of the multi-attraction spectrum and lavender for queerness and non-normativity.

    The trixensexual flag was created on January 5, 2021 by cadencestannevermoor. The pink represents women, the white represents unity, and the yellow represents non-binary individuals. It has vertical lines to represent a path between.


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