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    The enbitrix flag.

    Enbitrix is a bisexual, diamoric orientation that refers to non-binary people who are exclusively attracted to women and other non-binary people. It may be seen as a combination of trixic or enbian.

    Enbitrix is similar to trixensexual (except one can be trixensexual with any gender identity, whereas enbitrix describes attraction experienced by non-binary people) and brownitian (except brownitian does not necessarily describe an exclusive attraction). Enbitrix people can be called nblw and/or nblnb.

    The masculine counterpart to enbitrix is enbitor.

    Alternate enbitrix flag by GirlsNNBs.
    Another flag made by Gayer9000
    Alternate enbitrix flag by Gayer9000.
    Alternate enbitrix flag by FANDOM user HarmonixLol.


    The original enbitrix flag's creator is Wiki user Gayer9000, the meaning is as follows: Yellow meaning being non-binary, light yellow meaning be attracted to other non-binary people, and pink is attraction to women.

    The alternate enbitrix flag was created by this wiki’s user “GirlsNNBs”, and the meaning is as follows: The shades of purple on top representing attraction in any form towards non-binary people, the shades of pink on the bottom representing attraction to women and women-aligned non-binary people, and the yellow in the middle representing being non-binary.

    Another alternate was made by Wiki user Gayer9000, and the meaning is as follows: White means attraction to agender/pangender people, light pink means attraction to female-aligned non-binary people, pink means attraction to binary women, yellow means attraction to abinary/non-binary people, purple means attraction to bigender/multigender people, light purple means attraction to people who identify with Xenogenders, and white is attraction to agender/pangender people.


    The term originates from the latin suffix "-trix" denoting feminine agent nouns, e.g., "cenatrix" (female "cantor" or singer") or "dominatrix" (female dominator), and the pronunciation of "NB", standing for non-binary.

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