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    The trigenderflux flag.
    An alternate trigenderflux flag.
    An alternate trigenderflux flag.

    Trigenderflux is a multiflux gender in which one experiences three genders (trigender) that all fluctuate in intensity (genderflux). This can occur in multiple ways such as:

    • All three genders could increase and decrease in intensity at the same time.
    • As one gender becomes more intense the other two genders becomes less intense.
    • The genders fluctuate at random—unrelated to each other.
    • One could be fluid between three genders and also have those genders fluctuate in intensity (fluidflux/trigenderfluidflux).


    The trigenderflux flags were created on the ask-pride-color-schemes Tumblr blog in January 2018.[1] The flag is a modification of the genderflux flag. The second is a modification of the trigender flag. The third is a combination of the genderflux and trigender flags.