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    A rectangular flag with a darker pink stripe, a purple stripe, a green and gray stripe, a pale blue stripe, and a pale pink stripe.
    The trigenderfluidflux flag.
    An alternate flag designed by Clear.Skyes

    Trigenderfluidflux also called trigenderfluix and trifluix is a gender under the multigender umbrella in which a person feels three distinct gender identities, which they fluidly slide between, while also fluctuating in intensity.

    The genders included at any given time may be any three genders. For example, one may find that they are maverique, librafeminine, and demineutrois, and the next day, their genders may have fluctuated to demimaverique, agender, and paraneutrois.

    A trigenderfluidflux individual may choose to identify as being somewhere under the non-binary, multigender, and/or transgender umbrellas as well.


    The term was coined by Discord user HollowSkillet#3978 on or before October 29, 2020. It was coined to fit their own gender identity, as no other term fit them. The flag was created by the same user.


    The trigender flag consists of five stripes. The top, darker pink stripe represents feminine genders, the purple stripe represents masculine genders, the green and gray stripe represent the non-binary umbrella of genders, the light blue stripe represents weaker masculine genders, and the bottom, lighter pink stripe represents weaker feminine genders.

    The alternate flag was designed by Wikia FANDOM user Clear.Skyes on December 29, 2020. The color meanings are currently unknown.


    Trigenderfluidflux comes from the terms trigender and fluidflux. Trigender literally means "three genders" or "third gender," fitting in with the three gender experience of a trigender or trigenderfluidflux individual. Fluidflux comes from the terms "fluid," meaning changing over time, and "flux," meaning to flow or continually change. These fit in with the gender fluidity and fluctuation of those who are fluidflux or trigenderfluidflux.

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